About Us

Christians are minority in Pakistan, as being minority we have to be strong enough, Educationally,Spirtually Economically and socially to stand in this country. The challenges we face in ever-changing life of Christians will require time, vigilance and dedication to solve. All of us here at Christian School Association realize we are on a journey. We need to work as hard as to empower our community to succeed through Education.

‘’Friends of Charity Organization’ is supporting Christian Schools Association Pakistan to promote the light of education among young Christian generation to decrease the rate of illiteracy and poverty through education in Pakistan.

Schools are community institutions as well as centers of learning. While education alone cannot eradicate poverty, schools can help to coordinate, supports and services for their students and families.

Global transformations that range from cultural, historical, technological and demographic changes require Christian Schools to develop new skills and habits that are far ahead of what the educational system can now a day’s deliver. All Christian Schools Association, Provides complete, step-by-step guidelines to identify complex issues in Christian schools and successfully resolve each of them.

Christian Schools have the ability, commitment and energy to turn the unfavorable circumstances into the opportunity and then grab that opportunity to achieve the desired results for our country.

Christian Schools Association, Pakistan have currently 200 School members all around the Pakistan Christian Schools Association, Pakistan provides them time to time guidance and Educational assistance to the member Schools.

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